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Understanding the nature of their condition

Community integration is intended to assist individuals with improving their own social and professional skills to live effectively in the community. The activities are evaluated by the necessities of the people served. The people served are dynamic partners in all parts of these programs. Hence, the settings can be casual to diminish barriers between staff personnel and program participants. Notwithstanding services provided in the home or community, this program may incorporate a psychosocial clubhouse, a drop-in center, an activity center, or a day program.

Love One Healthcare is a community-based organization that provides life skills training and education to adult men and women. We assist by providing quality outpatient care for substance abusers and those with behavior issues.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program for adults assists persons 18 years or older with functional disabilities resulting from mental illness to develop, enhance, and retain: psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal adjustment, and independent living competencies so that they experience more success and satisfaction in the environments of their choice and can function as independently as possible. Love One Healthcare Services psychiatric rehabilitation program for adults (PRP-A) shall Provide community-based comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery services and supports, including, but not limited to:

  • Leisure or recreational activities.
  • Communication activities.
  • Spiritual activities.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Vocational pursuits.
  • Development of work attitudes.
  • Employment activities.
  • Volunteerism. Instructive and preparing activities
  • Development of living skills.
  • Health and wellness promotion.
  • Orientation, mobility, and destination training.
  • Access and utilization of public transportation.

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